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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

It's a Calms Forte kinda day.

Calms Forte!

It's a total sanity-saver.

Calms Forte (not regular Calms - it's missing some key ingredients) is this amazing homeopathic that knocks out my anxiety and other stress-type upsets.

It's marketed as a sleep aid, and some people use it to sleep better. I don't find it makes me especially sleepy unless I actually need sleep, but it definitely helps to wind down, and that's good for sleep or whenever!

I take 2-3 as needed and it seriously works. You can't overdose on this stuff.

The anxiety just dissolves, and I feel normal.

Not a better-than-me normal (like anti-anxiety things sometimes do). Just me, feeling good-normal. In fact, usually the return to "normal" is so natural that I don't even realize I'm not anxious anymore because I'm so not tracking being anxious anymore!

And if it starts to come back in a few hours or whatever, I pop 2-3 more.

I've never had anything work like that to just return me to a normal state without any intrusion of various side effects. Amazing, right?

Monday, April 1, 2013

What My Highly Sensitive Dog Taught Me About Stress

Ok, so you know about Highly Sensitive People, right? If not, check out Elaine Aron's work. It's a revelation! She has a nifty self-test there, too, to help you assess yourself or a child.

The nitty gritty, though, is that the trait of High Sensitivity occurs in about 15-20% of the human AND animal populations. It is inborn and wired in. It creates its own set of challenges, gifts, and opportunities. And, one of the key points to understand is that it is natural and adaptive in the population -- not a defect, even if our present day culture at large kind of sees it that way.

Well, not only am I a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP for short), I also seem to attract Highly Sensitive Animals as pets!

My standard poodle, Bellah, is definitely one. And, while poodles are known to be finely tuned, highly intelligent beings, not all poodles are quite in this category of sensitivity. He is an absolutely amazing dog.

One of his biggest gifts to me has been to mirror my own needs back to me and make them more conscious. As I figure out how to care for him, I learn better how to care for myself, too.

Most recently, he's given me a lesson in the critical importance of helping the body handle stress -- especially for the Highly Sensitive Being.


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