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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Clearing Out Negative Energies: Quick & Easy!

Over the years, I've worked with different tools and techniques to eliminate negative, sticky energy out of my field or space. But in the last couple years I've hit on what is for me the simplest, easiest way to energetically take out the trash.

Whether it has collected there because of psychic intrusion, psychic attack, empath-ing things that I didn't get rid of later, or just walking through energy cow pies... it doesn't matter. 

All these many and varied versions of ick collect in our personal field or space (or aura, if you like).

They can drag us down and cause us to feel drained and tired. They can and do affect our emotions and thoughts. 

Some people are more energy sensitive than others and seem affected more profoundly by it. But that doesn't mean they are necessarily conscious of the energy they are being affected by. It's more that they have a sensitivity in their energy system which responds.  

I happen to have one of those sensitive energy systems and bodies. Perhaps it's partly because I'm also an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) that this shows up this way for me. And there's nothing vainglorious about that "being sensitive to energy" thing either! Every "gift" has two sides... the front of the hand and the back of the hand. And that back of the hand can smack you around sometimes. 


Turns out, it's just good field management to clean it out periodically. So, I share here my very best and easiest tool for doing just that.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

EMPATHS: Survive and Thrive!

Like many sensitive people, I tend to be very empathic.  I absorb all sorts of stuff from all sorts of sources.  And, like many people who are empaths, I have typically had no one to mentor me.

Sure, I've had sensitive people around me who were also naturally empathic, but it was mostly the blind leading the blind!  No one really knew how to manage this gift which, sadly, doesn't fit very well in the world at large.

But, deal with it I must, in one way or another.


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