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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Most Bad-Ass Prayer I Ever Prayed.


That's what I found myself chanting.

Brought low by the terror and panic of a disintegrating life and losing my place in it, a life and version of myself I no longer knew how to shift... I finally flung open the door of my soul. 

I let myself hear the whispered words in the spaces of my mind. And I said them, reaching out with my whole heart to The Divine. 

Asking. Begging. Weeping. On the proverbial though not literal floor, and in a semi-trance. 

I was finally done resisting - at least right in that moment - the reality that this was bigger than what I knew how to fix. 

But a moment, a sliver of space, is all it takes.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What are Angels? How these Beings explained themselves to me.

Ah, Angels. How to talk about this without sounding like an airy-fairy kook?

I'll just present this (like everything else on here) from the standpoint of my experiences. If it works for you or is useful in some way, great. If not? That's cool, too.

So. ANGELS. What are they?

First, a bit of background. 

I have had Angels and Angelic energies in general work with me a lot. They've been present with me in one way or another since I can remember in childhood. They come through in healings I've done. They've come close to me and made me conscious of them during other times or specific experiences in my life. They nudge me gently though sometimes loudly. And I generally accept their presence, their desire to help, and I have endeavored to work with that more and more over time.

I really struggled with calling them "Angels", though I couldn't come up with a better word for what I was experiencing. I was and still am frustrated with the word. It has too many connotations - religious and new age - that sort of obscure who and what they really are. The idea the word "Angel" has taken on is just not quite... it. In addition to loving benevolence, they are fuller, wilder, fiercer, and much more fun than that!

At one point in this process a few years ago, when a moment of connection was particularly strong, and I was especially frustrated with my lack of understanding about these Angelic Beings who were working with me all the time, I asked, "So what the heck are you guys anyway?" Because, hey... best to get something from the proverbial horse's mouth, right?

And I got an answer! 

Monday, May 9, 2011

A Prayer for Ease and Grace

Where I am today:
When you find that somehow the landscape of your life has changed, and the people, tools, and structures you've always relied upon are no longer reliable or even safe... that's a personal 9.0 earthquake/tsunami/nuclear meltdown.  
Clearly, a massive shift is being called forth.  
I strive to calm myself in order to find the way.  Or to be still enough to let it find me.  
These are times of huge shifts - the nature and impact of which we cannot fully even comprehend.  At least I can't.

(And I don't think that's even the objective.  Sometimes the quest to understand is simply a way to delay/distance/try to stay safe rather than to simply accept and move to the new space we're being urged to move toward.)

I have a mounting awareness of a new space being prepared for me to move into.  A new cosmic zip code.  And right now... it's slightly terrifying.

This is my prayer for me.  And if it suits you, I offer it for you, too (just an offer, but good anytime!):
I call for Divine Grace to help me accept what is, just as it is right now, knowing that all is exactly as it is Divinely Designed to be, and to provide me with a loving, smooth, easy transition to the next level of my experience.  
I call for the personal alignment on all levels of my Being to help me allow this loving and comfortable ease to blossom and flourish in my experience of Life.  
Thank you.  I receive it now.
I wish you a peaceful heart full of love and comfort tonight and always,



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