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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Solitude: The Gift of Sacred Space.

Lately, I've been giving myself the gift of Solitude. 

Something had been itching at me inside for a while to go ahead and quiet everything down. One of those inner world itches, because it's not really about anything conscious... it's just this deep, intuitive urge.

On the conscious level, I knew I wanted to make progress in areas of my life that wanted some focused energy, and I knew I needed to eliminate some distractions for a while (like Facebook) from the equation in order to do that.

(Eliminating Facebook has had a shocking effect, actually. More on that in another post, probably.)

Mostly, though, I just needed to flip an inner switch and give myself that specific space without having to respond to others and their energy, their needs.

Give myself the permission to just respond to myself for a while, to pry the fingers of other people off my time, my energy, my thoughts as much as possible.

It feels like a kind of retreat. 

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Getting Off The Bio-chemical Crutches

So, I've discovered what happens when my crutches are gone.

Well, for all I know there are a couple more I'm not aware of (yet - haha), but I'm talking bio-chemical crutches.  Simple things like starch, sugar, artificial sugar, dairy, caffeine, alcohol, antihistamines, painkillers (over the counter).  Even Facebook.  Yeah... I jettisoned Facebook. Hardcore, baby!

I didn't set out to de-crutch myself.  Not. At. All.  

And, I didn't do it all at once.  Not. At. All.  

I did it bit by bit as it came up.

I listened to my intuition and my body along the way and did my best to follow along.


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