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Sunday, June 9, 2013

I'm not even jealous.

People show you who they truly are and even when it's ugly, it's a huge gift if they show you sooner than later.

When that happens, I'm rarely 'happy' about it. I'm usually sad and angry.

But very quickly, I find myself feeling grateful for it.

When I see them chatting up others, sparkling, having a good time? I'm not even jealous. (And I can lean that way sometimes.)

On the contrary, I know what lies beneath that pretty version of an exterior, and I pity the poor soul who gets wrapped up in someone's projection, who doesn't get to see the truth until they are broadsided it. I've been there, too, and it's far, far worse to know later than sooner. I don't envy them, for they will surely find out for themselves.

No amount of good face, fun personality, intelligent conversation, or successful accomplishment overcomes bad character.

I thank the powers that be every time I am protected by having it shown to me as early as possible before I invest in a person - be that platonic or otherwise. Who needs people of bad character in their lives?

I'll take stellar character over any other quality, any day!

Sadly, it's a characteristic that seems to have gone out of style. What's in style is the 'illusion' of character. Fortunately, for those of true character, being in style has nothing to do with it.

Thank goodness for the good people of good character. Sometimes, they seem as rare as Unicorns, except they actually exist.

Keeping the light on,


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Active Gratitude

I've been thinking about a particular person I dated earlier this year who, in that brief time, managed to give me a pretty hefty emotional wound.  There are still days when it crops up at random moments and stings like a scorpion.

The gory details are unimportant, really, because the point is it's just this kind of icky, 'no way to really resolve it to my mind's satisfaction' kind of pain.  There's no additional conversation with this person that will help resolve unanswered questions.  I've thrown some deep down honest conversation at the problem, and his actions and words just don't match.  So... there ya go.  Time to let go.

Time to let go.  But not so easy!


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