About Me

Hi there!

My name is Orilea.

Orilea sounds like oh-Rilly-ah
(And that's totally unimportant unless, like me, you hear things in your head when you read and it bugs you not to know how it really sounds. For you similarly quirky, wonderful people... hope that helps.)

Who am I?

My background straddles the conventional and mysterious. From a career in the corporate culture of a top Fortune company as a business process and project manager to being an alternative health practitioner specializing in shifting the underlying patterns affecting one's life.

I've long held broad interests in both the practical and the esoteric. But I'm always interested in the nuts and bolts of a thing. Basically, I'm grounded about whatever I do. If it's not useful, if it doesn't make an impact and shift something, I'm not interested in doing it.

Experience and intuition have become my navigating stars. Ideas and beliefs are always subject to change with the next new experience and what intuition is whispering (or yelling) at me about it. It's like being the scientist and the experiment rolled into one.

Life seems to be on a roll with giving me lots of opportunities to experiment and refine myself. Some days that's a 'Yay!' and sometimes it's a very half-hearted and sarcastic 'yay'. Heck, some days I want radio silence and to stay in bed. (The dogs usually disagree.) Most days are not that extreme, though. Growth and expansion are tricky like that. Nothing in nature is a straight line.

And speaking of tricky things, I have the inborn wiring of a highly sensitive person - or, as I more accurately call it, a "finely sensitive person".

It's a daily challenge to both embrace innate sensitivity and create comfort in a world that doesn't understand, honor or make room for it. The trait of sensitivity is literally wired in the body. And most people aren't having that experience.

Turns out much of the angst-ing I do ultimately comes from being at war with my sensitivity. And believe me, the warrior part of me really knows how to go to war. I'm slowly learning to truly love and appreciate the gifts of my sensitivity instead of resenting that I have to deal with it. So much of my capacity for understanding and growth, or at least my own personal brand of that, is because of it. I've come to love helping other sensitive people embrace their deep gift of sensitivity as I get better at embracing mine.

As I grow toward fighting my nature less, I find myself gravitating towards developing genuine kindness and compassion with myself instead of trying to beat the parts of myself I dislike or struggle with into submission. Might as well move to the kinder, gentler treatment. The beatings don't really work anyway, and people ask all those uncomfortable questions about the bruises.

What's my calling?

It's about a way of being in life, not about a specific doing.

My calling is living life aligned with my heart and soul. 

It's that simple, and that hard.

The way I've found to do that reliably is through paying attention to my intuition. Intuition is the owner's manual and roadmap from the soul to navigate through life. It's my guiding light through the wilderness of uncertainty and chaos. 

It can certainly take some work to discern it and act on it, more at some times than at others. We may have to quiet the static. And sometimes our intuition is a lot louder than we realize once we tune into it. It can be hard to listen when it's saying something we would prefer not to act on. But it's there... steadfastly guiding us.

It doesn't hold a grudge when we turn a deaf ear or say 'no'. It's always there to guide us whether we've been listening all our lives or ignoring it with a vengeance. We are always free to do so. In fact, doing that can actually help clarify our intuition and help us learn to trust it. I've often been afraid to trust it and realized in hindsight that my intuition was right there up front telling me the truth. It has helped me to hear what it sounds like and learn to trust it the next time. 

Living in alignment with my intuition is the only way I feel truly alive and aligned with myself, though it's a constant challenge to do so even when the intuition is clear and strong. The dynamics of fear and trust are always at play. As hard as it can be to sort through that mess, aligning toward trust is worth it to be able to take action on intuition. 

We have this tremendous gift to help us navigate the apparent chaos of life. What works for one may not work for anyone else. But that doesn't matter. Each of us is walking our own personal path in our own special way, as it should be.

Your unique you-ness is extraordinary and to be honored. You are woven into this world on purpose. The contribution of your being-ness matters. And you have help in the form of your intuition to lead you through.

Paradoxically, pursuing a life built from intuition is a bit risky. The demands of the soul can diverge from the cultural status quo. Living this way basically breaks the current rules of how we're culturally trained to live life. It takes courage to cut a new path. Our own path. But living according to how our own grain actually grows rather than how it's allegedly supposed to grow is a very rich journey. Not necessarily easy, but, for me, it's the only way to really fly.

If I had a magic wand...

I'd wave that magic wand with a flourish and impart these knowings in every particle of everyone's being who wanted to receive it...

You are ok as you are right now no matter what is going on around you or within you.
You are built and wired perfectly for the life you came to live.
You are here on purpose, and you are enough.
There is order and safety in all things even when it seems invisible or lost.
You can trust yourself and the process of your life.
You are deeply loved and can never do anything to change that, so it's safe to love yourself no matter what, too.

Until then, I'll keep reminding myself out loud (and you, if you read) that this is what's true.

Why this blog?

Here's what I really hope for from this blog. 

...*deep breath*...

That I will find my true voice, and that this voice will resonate into the world and change it for the better. 

That it will empower and uplift, and you will be better off after reading it than before.

That there will be helpful perspectives and information you can run with in your own way for the benefit of your own life.

Who is this blog for?

If you're interested in digging within yourself for truth and growth, are willing to engage with and embrace both your light and your shadow, and are striving to live a juicy life by following the call of your own soul, then this blog is for you.

Welcome, Kindred Spirit!

I'd love to hear about whatever connects with you or questions you have. Feel free to post your thoughts in the comments or email me.


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You can do that right here:

Thank you. 

Thank you for stopping by and reading. I appreciate each and every one of you.

Thank you for being you in the world. We need you just as you are.

I look forward to chatting with you on the blog!

With love,

orilea (at) orileaoutloud (dot) com


  1. Wow! Very cool website and forward thinking concepts! - Phil in St. Louis

  2. Sweet Orilea.. You are you and i love that about you.

  3. Thank you, Michael! Authenticity is most certainly one of my values. Thank you for recognizing it. =)

  4. Orilea, I absolutely love this website (and of course your youness). :) I will be forever subscribed--it is like a present in my inbox each time you write a now post. Your posts are written so beautifully and are immensely thought provoking...love the concepts that you explore. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, knowledge with the world. <3!!

  5. Banana, I was rewriting my 'About' page when you posted this. :P

    Thank you so very much for telling me what you think. It's so nourishing to know that my posts connect and help.

    I'm beginning to love the blogging process, and hearing that's good for someone else just makes my week!

    Thanks so much for reading and commenting! <3

  6. Orilea, I love this. This is *real* information about you rather than the usual details that paint a vague portrait of a persona. I especially like this: " Intuition is the owner's manual and roadmap from the soul to navigate through life." I need to listen more and learn to recognize the voice of my own intuition.

    As always, thank you for sharing the wisdom you strive so hard to learn.

  7. Orilea,
    Thank you for contributing your energy to us. It warms my heart to read your blog. :)

  8. Tally Mar: Thank you so much for your wonderful words. I've discovered how hard these 'about me' pages can be to write! So the feedback is really appreciated.

    I'm so happy you responded to that bit about intuition. Let me know how the recognizing and listening is going, and if I can help answer any questions or provide any pointers from my own experience. I know that the personal alignment you get - the zing - is truly worth the effort of learning and doing. Keep me posted. :)

    Natasha: Thank *you* for sharing that. Your comments always warm my heart as well! I appreciate the connection. <3

  9. Your blog is a lovely act of service... to take us on a journey from your perspective. Your wisdom is of great value, thank you for taking precious time to let us read you.

  10. Thank you, Kim! It's a joy to create, and an honor to be read and received. <3


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