Saturday, May 25, 2013

Plugging the Facebook Drain

Now, don't get me wrong... I do enjoy all the inspirational, thoughtful posts, the adorable animals, and many of the good people I'm connected to via Facebook.

But. BUT!

Whenever I find myself needing to consolidate my energy to do something in my life (including just going through inner transitions that require my energy to be more available), I always feel the pull to deactivate my account. 

Today was one of those days where I answered that call. It's always a tough decision to make, because I do get some very good things from Facebook. But I just needed to pull my energy out of there and back to myself. 

Curiously, just logging out and not logging back on for a while is not enough. I'm still energetically present there if all I do is log out. People can peep me, and I get the energetic 'hit'. And I'm still actively plugged into the Facebook field when my profile is visible, even if no one is hitting my profile directly. 

But I literally and energetically disappear from there when I deactivate! And the slow, silent leak of energy stops. {Bliss.} I get a very noticeable amount of energy back almost immediately and just feel more energetically solid. And it builds into a surplus over time if I stay off for even a few days. A few weeks off can be downright transformational! 

Given the profound difference, it does concern me a bit as to how much Facebook actually drains me on a regular basis. I fantasize sometimes about truly disappearing from there altogether as in killing my account. 

But I balance that concern with the nourishing benefits I feel I get at other times when I do feel I have the energy for it. I have had amazing moments of inspiration, understanding and connection there. 

Still, if you find you're needing some extra juice for something in your world, or you just have the intuitive hit to take a thorough break from Facebook however long or short, I highly recommend deactivating whenever you need it. (Currently, that option is in your Security settings.) 

Do you deactivate occasionally? What have you found when deactivating vs. just logging out? Curious how others have felt the difference, if you've tried it. 

As for me, I'm currently not sharing my energy on the 'Book and feeling goooood! 


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  1. Good choice - I took a bit of a break recently and have cut down on my time spent on social media. It's awesome. Facebook can be very draining.

    1. Hi Amna! I do miss seeing my friends on there. :-)

      I logged in for about a minute today and had to log right back out LOL! I believe I may have audibly groaned. Perhaps it's too much random input at this time. Focus is a powerful force! Good for you for harnessing yourself that way. I'm endeavoring to do the same.

      I do wonder if extroverts tend to find social media fuels them rather than drains them? Not that I would know. ;-)



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