Wednesday, April 17, 2013

You're Here On Purpose. (And you can't screw it up.)

You. Me. Everyone and everything... here on purpose. 

That's what I've felt and believed ever since I can remember.

I hear people talk about how you can be "off" purpose or that somehow you can do your life wrong.

And every time I hear it, I know it's not true.

I don't know how I know it. But I know it.

And it's not that I never spin out with worry about whether I'm doing my life "right"... the mind generates worry, and I can be a worrier.

It's that I always come back to that deep touchstone inside that just KNOWS I cannot mess this up, even if my mind likes to spin scary stories.

I think the idea of somehow missing "doing" your purpose and therefore somehow failing at your life is  based in a bit of confusion resulting from applying a human idea of success or failure to something that's essentially an esoteric, soul-driven, non-linear process without that kind of pass/fail threshold.

The Perfect Setup 

From a soul level, life might be seen as primarily a gathering up of experiences, being just exactly who you came to be, doing exactly what you came to do, for the reasons your soul has in mind.

It's about being who you were set up to be, and following that through. And by following that through, I don't mean you don't get to change! But even the path of changes is to some vast degree set in motion by how we were set up in this life.

Who set you up? You!

The set up is done by the real you: you as a soul essence for benevolent and beneficial reasons. It's not some sadistic authority putting you through your paces to earn your way out of some version of hell. But I know it can feel like that some days!

We are each positioned into bodies, families, places on the planet, at a particular point in time, set in specific cultures. There are an untold number of conditions shaping our development, and they all have gifts and limitations.

At such an early age, we have no conscious control over how anything affects us. Sponges. Positive or negative, it get in there and we change accordingly.

We are loaded down with programs, beliefs, traumas, fears. We experience things that scar us, mar us, and change us.

Indeed, there are many things we may never get past or over.

But we receive the perfect setting for what our soul came here to experience and to help other souls experience. We are set on the perfect path of our becoming.

All this early loading is the landscape, the backdrop, the banks and boulders through which the water of our soul can flow through this life.

Without some sort of form and shape, we would simply flow out onto the land and go nowhere. Instead, we are given a path - a perfect path for us. We are given a framework and structure. We are given unique motivations to move us down that path in our own special way.

Would you ever look at a river and say it's wrong for being the way it is? No, of course not!

It likewise makes no sense, at a soul level, to compare your unique self and your life to another and attempt any sort of ranking of better or worse.

We are shaped and molded into someone who then has a LIFE to live. We're supposed to go down the unique road that all this loading takes us down.

It's by design. Soul design. We are uniquely built and positioned for our lives.

Navigating the Path

We have our inner GPS to guide us down our personal path. Our inner voice, our authentic intuition, can be trusted to lead us.

Something can be right for nearly everyone else, but that GPS might signal that it's not right for you. Hearing and trusting it is both a skill and an art. It's the best tool we have to navigate our lives.

When we listen to that inner voice, we may not find the results we think we are seeking, but we will always find ourselves in the right places, at the right times, and in the right ways. We can trust it, even when it's taking us through some rocky terrain. There is always a reason, and that reason is positive.

We can trust that process even if we don't understand all they whys and wherefores with our minds.

The confusion and doubt comes because part of the deal is a level of amnesia about what we are really doing down here in these human forms at this particular time.

And we have institutionalized comparisonitis where we watch others and evaluate and rank everyone in some made up scheme of things that are good and bad, better and worse, on track and off track.

But we are always on purpose.

Even when we seem to be lost, or when we think we've made a tragic mistake, we are just in that part of the journey. We are in the midst of that experience.

The journey is always self-leveling, self-"correcting" for lack of a better word, because that word unfortunately implies some sort of error.

And if, hypothetically, there is such a thing as straying from our purpose? The straying still serves us. So how could it really be off-track?

This is a simple example, but it works to illustrate the point.

Let's say our intuition is talking to us, but we don't listen for whatever reason. We act in a way we were not being guided to act. And let's say it really blows up in our face. At a human level, sure... that may create some havoc. But look at what just got learned!

Maybe we needed a profound experience in listening so we would be sure how to track that voice within as we walk a future road when it might matter even more that we heed it. We are not as likely to ignore it.

In my view, there is absolutely nothing better than a personal experience. It's probably the most powerful kind of information we can have, because it's grounded. We own it in our bodies.

But a supposed mistake? It's folded into our overall path, and the experience serves.

Our soul knows where we are and where we are going, and is generating the exact right experiences that serve the inherent purpose of our lives. "Mistakes" and all.

There can never be anything wrong going on. 

None of who we are or how we are is accidental. And none of it can be incontrovertibly judged as better or worse that anything else out there... at least for us, and our unique walk through life.

Everyone's life has equal intrinsic meaning, value, and purpose. There is no ranking. There is no better.

There is just the unique path of our soul. And our soul is loving the experience no matter how it appears to our human selves.

We have no way of knowing why a certain soul has designed a certain type of experience.

We don't often consciously know why we are on a certain journey.

Sometimes, in retrospect, we see the wisdom of the path. Sometimes, we need to broaden our view to glimpse it. And sometimes, we just have to step forward in trust, even if we're fumbling in the dark.

As we bop through the world, generating ripple effects that involve others, there is collective purpose we are each participating in, too. Wheels within wheels within wheels ad infinitum. And there is deep purpose there, too!

Looking at something that doesn't seem to be good enough? Annoyed by things which just won't heal or change? Limiting things in your life which don't want to budge?

Getting past or over it may not even the point! Or it may just have its own timing in the scheme of your life.

We can obsess about it, but whether we do or we don't is not so much the issue.

If we're moved to try, then whether we "achieve" the end point we have in mind or not, it's the moving towards getting past or over something can be an amazing catalyst in itself.

Trusting what we're moved toward - not achieving the outcome we have in mind - is the thing.

Exposing a really old belief many of us have... 

Many of us hold deeply programmed beliefs based in our cultural inheritance that basically say something like:

  • If I'm really on track, or right with God, or aligned to my soul properly, then my life will be smooth, healthy, wealthy, romantic, safe, happy, comfortable, ...
  • If I am good enough, or righteous enough, or _____ enough, then I will be rewarded with a basically smooth, happy, comfortable, "perfect" (insert your own definitions) life.

Your details may vary, but so many of us have these ideas that being spiritually aligned and connected "right" means we get everything we (think we) want.

And in recent years, this has been fanned up in the collective with the proliferation of all things related to the "Law of Attraction" and "The Secret". Most of these seem to be limited and rather simplistic viewpoints on just one Universal Law. (It will doubtlessly be another blog post at some point!)

But the magic of life and living is so much deeper, wiser, and more complex than that.

If (when) something in life is rough in some way, or it's counter to what we think we want, then this belief system causes us to feel we must be at fault somehow, that we are wrong, that we are out of alignment with God's plan for us, disconnected from our Soul, or out of whack with our true path.

Because, of course, our true path would be perfectly comfortable, safe (in a human sense), joyful all the time, etc.!

And when we think we and our lives are somehow wrong, we have a tendency to sink into vats of shame, guilt, low self-worth, and whatever your personal poison of choice is.

But this view point is based in inherent assumptions about what a "good" and "right" life is, and it assumes we can evaluate and validate the true purpose of our lives and how that best expresses itself by such external human-driven criteria.

Which, I don't believe is true in a deeper sense at all. Though certainly it can be hard to remember there are other ways to see things!

Keeping Wholeness In Mind

The apparently positive and the apparently negative aspects of life and of ourselves all serve the Wholeness, growth, and evolution of all things. There are no real mistakes.

Everything serves. 


Life is not a win-lose kind of thing from the perspective of our true soul purpose in being here. Winning or losing at life is a strictly human construct.

From a soul perspective? Every life has guaranteed value. Every life is a guaranteed WIN, no matter how our human minds are geared to judge ourselves or each other.

We are unique sparks of consciousness, here for our own reasons, perfectly imperfect, playing together and generating ripples that reach far into the future.

In sharing this viewpoint which helps me with much needed perspective so often in my life, I'm hoping it brings you the same touchstone of inner peace and grounding that it gives me.

Perhaps it will strike a chord of Truth in you, too.

In reverence, love, and honoring of your unique soul's journey, no matter what it looks like!


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  1. I read this last night and it came *just* at the right time to re-align what was looking very much like a downward spiral into an old sad habit. I've really been enjoying your writing! Don't stop : ) - KK

    1. And your comment came at the right time to support *me*. Thank you!! I'm so glad this connected and helped. I appreciate you saying so. <3

  2. Beautiful and healing!



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