Thursday, March 22, 2012

Grounded and Present in 2 Seconds Flat!

I know. That's quite a claim!  I'm as shocked having experienced it as you are perhaps in disbelief reading that title. But, for me, it happened. This is now a real thing. A repeatable thing!

Yesterday, I was perusing some materials from the resplendent Havi Brooks (of The Fluent Self), and she said something that has had a profound impact upon me.

"The body is always in the present."  

Wait... what?  YES, of course it is!

It literally cannot be anything but in the present. It simply does not exist in the past or the future.

Well, maybe in some quantum way, but shhhh. That's not important right this sec. Because in this reality, time stream, and dimension, the body is sometimes the only thing about me that is PRESENT.


Her suggestion was to touch the body to help ground oneself in the present.

Touch your hand, your arm, your chest, pull on your ear, touch your face. I touched with the intention of connecting to my body.

Simply touch your body to become present.

And I followed her suggestion in that moment.

And...whoa. Like, wow. I was present. I was grounded. It felt amazing.

When I do it today, same result. It's such a simple thing!

And the reason this is such a whoa-wow moment for me is that I've spent my life being annoyed to some degree with even having to be in a body.

I've resisted and resented and avoided with the best (worst?) of 'em. That's just what it's been. (OK, lots of reasons for that, but still. That's been the deal.)

Color me shocked when I did this intentional thing of touching my body and it instantly grounded and calmed me.

I was Here. Now. Present.  In my body without annoyance. Not an historically easy space for me to get to or stay in.

When I'm there, it feels gentle, and soft, and beautiful, and good.

It feels powerful and calming.

And it's only a self-touch away.  This is a very big deal!

So, I'm sharing the experience.

I hope Havi doesn't mind. Such a tiny simple thing, yet so deep and profound and potentially helpful to many, is something I didn't want to keep to myself. So much rejoicing!



I'm interested to hear anything you want to share about anything this brings up for you. Perhaps what your experiences have been like with being present (or not), or the struggle to be present, or anything you might want to share on this.

As always, thanks for reading!

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  1. This is good! It does have a calming grounding effect.

    In the past I have usually just used my sense of sound, sight, smell to ground myself into the present.

    I will use this in addition to the above.

    Thank you Orilea!
    Kathy :)

  2. Kathy, GREAT tips! Going through the body's senses seems to be a magic key.

    Thanks for your comment. Really helpful additions. =)

  3. I thoroughly understand, and agree.

    To me, my body is just the "first impression" to others -- the personna is the real me.

    I may look great with abs that kill, or short, fat and bald, maybe wearing the wrong tie, wrong ear ring, white socks with a tux.

    But, again, the personna behind the "first impression" is where it is: I'm just me.




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